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You get a partnership with dedicated people who know exactly what it takes to drive leads and sales to your business. We are not in it for the quick buck. We want to build a long relationship with you with total focus on getting you more leads and sales.

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That's very different depending on your target audience. On our best campaigns we are generating up to 7500 leads a day.

What will I need to pay per lead?

That depends on what you're selling. If you're selling planes your leads are worth more than if you we're selling paper clips. The price per lead will be set in a dialogue with Mailiacs owner. What we do first is to make sure that you got a campaign that is valid for getting leads on straight commission.

How do you guarantee that my campaign will be eligible for receiving leads on straight commission?

Because we do whatever it takes to make it work.

If you own website/landing page won't be accepted we will design a landing page for you at no extra cost.

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You will be contacted by a public relation expert who will interview you and then do whatever it takes to get you coverage in relevant media.

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You simply send an email to and we will cancel your subscription right away - no questions asked. Remember to give us the email address you used to sign up with.

Terms and Privacy

1.         Definitions and Preliminary

1.1.       These Terms of Service with the associated Privacy Policy includes the following definitions and    expressions including their associated meaning as being explained and described hereby:

1.1.1.    “MAILIAC (BeGood Brand)” is to be referred hereinafter as “We”, “Our”, “Us”, or “Provider”
1.1.2.    “User(s)” is/are to be used to describe people who are using the Website and the Services according to these Terms and Policy including the following “You”, “Your”, “Yourself”, or simply “User(s)”
1.1.3.    “Services” are to be used to describe marketing activities including the access to marketing experts via email provided by the Provider for the business purposes of the Users according to these Terms and Policy
1.1.4.    “Terms of Service” are to be referred hereinafter as ”Terms”
1.1.5.      “Website” is to be used to describe the website where the Provider offers its Services to the Users according to these Terms and Policy
1.1.6.    “Privacy Policy” is to be referred hereinafter as ”Policy”
1.2.       You are hereby strongly recommended to carefully examine these Terms before you use the Website or the Services themselves. You are hereby to be advised that these Terms and Policy   may influence your use of the Website and the Services including all associated obligations and legal consequences.
1.3.       The very purpose of these Terms and Policy is to regulate all legal and commercial issues between the Provider and the Users.

2.         Usage Related

2.1.       By registering on this Website and creating an account you are accepting the obligations and consequences of these Terms and Policy explicitly and unconditionally.
2.2.       The Provider reserves an exclusive and discretion right to terminate the Users’ accounts associated to this Website at any given moment in cases of violation of these Terms and Policy by the Users.
2.3.       The Provider reserves an exclusive and discretion right to change, modify or delete these Terms or Policy completely or partially with no obligation to inform its Users every time about these changes.
2.4.       Please note one more time that through the registration process you are hereby expressing your unconditional and full compliance with these Terms and Policy as being described hereby.
2.5.       By accepting these Terms you are making a statement that you are completely aware that all materials contained on this Website are subject to the national or international copyrights and intellectual property rights.
2.6.       The Provider does not provide guarantees of any kind that the information presented on this Website is absolutely accurate, valid or in any other way in the complete accordance with your expectations.
2.7.       All material, information, pictures and similar on this Website are presented and used exclusively according to the principle AS THEY ARE with no exceptions.
2.8.       The only option provided for you to express your disapproval or dissatisfaction with these Terms, Services or Policy itself is to terminate your account including the further use of this Website and related websites.

3.         Registration and Users’ Accounts

3.1.       In order to use the Services all Users are obliged to go through the registration process in order to create the appropriate accounts and pay monthly fees.
3.2.       Please be advised that all changes related to your account may influence the way you use the Services. The Provider is hereby to be excluded from any responsibility related to   these actions.
3.3.       Through the creation of your account associated with this Platform you are hereby expressing your unconditional and unreserved acceptance of these Terms and Privacy regulations.
3.4.       The Provider has an exclusive and discretion right to close and/or delete your account at any moment. You are not permitted to issue any claim or complaint in this matter.
3.5.       All fraud related activities that are caused by the registration and/or creation of the accounts are to be sanctioned including the termination of associated accounts and informing the authorities in     charge of these issues.
3.6.       All Users agree to accept the complete responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided   for the purposes of the registration. The Provider is to be excluded entirely from any responsibility for these actions.

3.7.       Please be advised that the Provider is allowed to close your account with no previous warning in the following cases:

3.7.1.  When the Terms and/or Privacy’s rules are being breached by the User
3.7.2.    When it is required by the law or other relevant authorities
3.7.3.    When the User does not comply with the financial requirements of these          Terms

3.8.     The consequences related to the closing of your account include the following:

3.8.1.  The inability of further use of the Services
3.8.2.  All fees which are paid are to be treated as non-refundable
3.8.3.  All unpaid fees are to be treated as fully active and valid

3.9.       Please note that the Provider cannot be held liable for any potential losses or damages that can be associated with the limited features of the Services due to your late payments, accounts     termination or cancellation regardless of the reasons in question.

3.10.       Please note that the Provider cannot accept any responsibility for any potential, direct or indirect damages or losses related to your accounts being blocked, suspended, late with payments and/or cancelled regardless of the reason in question.

4.         Payment Related

4.1.       Please note that our payment system is based on the major credit cards. For more        information how these payment methods work please visit the major credit cards’ official websites.

4.2.       You are hereby to exclude the Provider from any responsibility related to financial issues, difficulties, or failures that can be associated with the major credit cards which could not be prevented, controlled and/or avoided despite our best efforts.

4.3.       Our payment system is based on advance payments with no exceptions to this rule.

4.4.       Please note that the Refunds are possible under special circumstances and according to our sole discretion right.

4.6.        The $199 monthly fee is required for the User to use the Services as being described hereby.

5.         Liability Limitations of the Provider

5.1.       The liability of the Provider is strictly limited to this Website and its associated Services as being regulated by these Terms and Policy.

5.2.       The Provider cannot accept any responsibility under no circumstances for the issues outside the Website and the Services themselves.

5.3.       The Users are hereby accepting that the Provider cannot accept any responsibility for any direct or indirect, explicit or implicit, incidental or unintentional, general or specific, loss or damage that can be related to one of the following situations:

5.3.1.    The unavailability of the Services or the Website regardless of the causes                  5.3.2.    Unauthorized use of the Website and/or the Services
5.3.3.    Any other situation that could not be predicted, prevented, or avoided at the moment you started to use the Website or the Services

5.4.       The only option available to the Users to express their dissatisfaction or disapproval with these Services is not to use them.

5.5.       You are hereby accepting the full responsibility for your use of the Website including the Services associated with it.

5.6.       The Provider cannot be held liable under any circumstances for the accuracy, validity, functionality and similar to the Services including your expectations associated with them.

5.7.       You are hereby to exclude the Provider from any complaints, claims, costs, and liabilities explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly related to the Website, Services, Policy and Terms themselves.

5.8.       You are hereby to exclude the Provider from any responsibility related to any delay or inability to     ensure some of the Services’ features due the reasons that could not be prevented, avoided or predicted despite our greatest care, attention, or efforts.

5.9.       The Provider cannot be held liable under no circumstances for the partial or complete unavailability of the Services regardless of the reasons.

5.10.      Under no circumstances will the Provider accept the responsibility for the results or your expectations based on previous or future use of our Services.

6.         Legal and Warranty Disclaimer

6.1.       You are hereby accepting the Services AS THEY ARE and entirely at your own risk. Additionally, the Provider cannot to be held liable for the warranties of any kind, explicit or implied, direct or indirect, including but not necessarily limited to the understandable warranties for a particular specified purpose and/or non-infringement.

6.2.        We include no warranties that our Website or the Services will necessarily meet your expectations and results you are expecting.

6.3.       We are taking all the measures possible to prevent hackers’ attacks, malware and virus threats.     However, we cannot guarantee with an absolute certainty that these unwanted events will not take place at any point in time despite our best efforts and intentions to prevent and avoid them.

6.4.       Under no circumstances will the information obtained from us through the usage of the Website or the Services create a legal ground for a potential warranty of any kind at any time.

6.5.       You are hereby to exclude the Provider for any losses, damages or inconveniences that can be associated directly or indirectly to the Services.

6.6.       Please note that we cannot be held liable for any flaws or missing elements of the Services you are using.

6.7.       Please note that once you start using the Services we are not to be held liable under       any circumstances, if the Services in question does not match your expectations or their description.

7.    Privacy Policy

7.1.       This Privacy Policy refers to the Services from the perspective of privacy related issues of their Users.

7.2.       We collect information related to our Users with the sole purpose of improving their experience and satisfaction with our Services.

7.3.       In some cases the information we collect about you can be used for advertising purposes. The Users themselves will always be provided with a choice to accept or decline these commercial offers.

7.4.       The Provider collects, processes and transmits personal data of the Users with the sole purpose of ensuring the very functionality of the Services.

7.5.       Private information obtained from the Users is being used for the purposes of registration and creating their accounts.

7.6.       It is the exclusive right of the Users to decide whether or not and to which extent they will disclose their private information. However, all Users are hereby warned that certain privacy information is required in order for them to use the full features of these Services.

7.7.       For the purpose of User’s registration and creating accounts all Users are required to provide the    following personal information:
7.7.1.    Contact information such as name, address, phone, and/or email
7.7.2.    Billing and Credit cards information
7.7.3.    Other relevant data

7.8.       The third parties are not allowed to collect the private information related to our Users under any circumstances.

7.9.       Please rest assured that we will not share your private information outside the Services themselves under any circumstances.

7.10.     Please note that the exceptions from the above mentioned rule are to be applied for the following    situations:

7.10.1. Your private information can and will be disclosed for the purpose of judicial, legal or other similar cases and proceedings when required
7.10.2. For the purpose of newsletter and other advertising related information with your previous consent and explicit approval

7.11.        All information obtained according to the above mentioned rules is to be treated as strictly confidential.

7.12.       By accepting this Policy you authorize us to use the information obtained as being described hereby for the sole purpose of improving the Services.

7.13.       We are entitled to inform you from time to time about our new offers and features.

7.14.       We may collect any other relevant information which can contribute to our Services improvements with no obligation to notify you about these actions every time.

8.         Miscellaneous and Closing Regulations

8.1.       These Terms are to be regulated and governed by an exclusive jurisdiction of the Denmark Law and Courts. Any potential dispute or issues derived from or related to these Terms and/or Policy are to be addressed directly to the courts of Copenhagen, Denmark.

8.2.       All Users are strongly advised to try reaching a settlement by the means of mediation and/or negotiation related to the issues or disputes derived from these Terms and/or Policy, before addressing the court as the final legal instance.

8.3.       These Terms and/or Policy between you and the Provider which regulate the issues and situations herein described and explained are to supersede any other agreement or document previously signed or accepted, in written or oral form, between you and the Provider.

8.4.       By accepting these Terms and Policy, all Users are to accept the limitless and unconditional presumption that they are fully and completely aware of all Terms and Policy’s sections, articles and regulations.

8.5.       Any failure of the Provider to exercise a certain obligation or right as described and                                explained in these Terms and/or Policy under no circumstances cannot be a waiver of these obligations or rights.

8.6.       If under certain circumstances and in some cases any parts or sections of these Terms and/or Policy are to become invalid or unenforceable regardless of reasons, the parts or sections which are to remain are to be still fully obligatory with no exceptions.

8.7.       By accepting these Terms and Policy all Users are to fully comply with the requirement, that   any dispute, request, claim or some other issue which may arise from or be associated to these Terms and Policy are to be filed and examined within the period of up to one year from the moment they were discussed for the very first time. After one year they are to be treated as successfully solved and closed regardless of the current state of affairs including the exclusion of possibility for their reopening and reexamining.

8.8.       Under no circumstances will the Provider will be held responsible for any action from you that is related to the Website or the Services themselves.

8.9.       In case, you have any questions, suggestions or doubts about these Terms and/or Policy feel free to submit them to the following E-MAIL: